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Creator of the QubIT™ and QWork™ modular office system

The fastest, easiest way to create a coworking, flex or any small office space anywhere!

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Imagine you could run an entire coworking space from one little box, and control it from your phone! The QoWorks system is so flexible, so integrated and so easy, all you have to do is plug it in and it starts working. It is so adaptable and so tiny, you can create a coworking office nearly anywhere! And most importantly, you can do it at a fraction of the cost of old-fashioned IT.

Better, Faster, Safer, Smaller, Quieter, More Efficient and far Less Expensive - the QoWorks QubIT is like an entire IT room and rack that's smaller than a toaster oven. Want to expand? Just add a QWork module and you're done!

Go Modern, Go Flexible, Go Profitable, Go QoWorks!

What Makes QoWorks Different?

Easy Installation

Plug the QubIT into an outlet. That's it! Have fiber available? Great! If not, still great! Want to expand? Plug a Qwork into any adjacent space, and you're done!

Low Cost - High Gain

For about 90% less than the cost of old-style IT equipment, the QoWorks system provides a faster, safer, more flexible way to create a paid coworking space in an instant!

Ultra Flexible

Turn empty office space into flexworking and coworking space on the fly! Control it all from your phone, whether you're on-site or sitting on a beach across the world!

Serious Security

QubIT includes an enterprise-grade hardware firewall and in-transit encryption to keep everyone safe and protect privacy. It even has a battery backup and an onboard camera!

Super Clean and Fast

WiFi 6e means gigabit speeds to power the fastest of today's technologies without wires. No more glitchy video calls and no more spaghetti. Just clean, reliable speed!

Fully Managed

Users sign up and sign in using the app. Support is online and even the door locks can be automated. You simply provide the space, plug in the QubIT, and done!